Microsoft 365 & Dynamics 365 Sales Professional – Better Together Part III

Since the pandemic, the amount of time buyers spend with sellers has dropped significantly. In fact, 80% of the buyers’ time is spent researching online and discussing matters internally. In the last part of this 3-part partner-facing-only infographic series about how to be a Microsoft 365 & Dynamics 365 Sales Professional, get training on how to respond to potential customer objections—whether in person or online. Be proactive and learn about customer concerns in advance. Be ready to answer questions they have about how Dynamics 365 can integrate with Gmail and how alternative financial/ERPs connect with Dynamics 365 Business Central to offer a seamless user experience built on a common data model.

Bonus! Watch the linked video and learn how to accelerate digital selling with Dynamics 365. (Note: This infographic is partner-facing only.)

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