Simplifying Software Development and IT

From developing useful apps and software to looking after all your IT needs, Handy Apps provides effective solutions to help your business thrive.


Simplifying Software Development and IT

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From integrating software, transferring data, and creating reports to developing apps for your customers to use, we can cost-effectively develop software and applications to meet your needs.


We build solutions for a range of platforms including, Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Linux.

From upgrades and improvements to maintenance and dealing with urgent issues, we’re only a call away. 


We have IT Support options to suit small, medium and enterprise-level businesses.

Software Development

IT Support

Keeping you and your business running

Creating simple solutions to automate your business

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Apps for business

Cost-effectively Automate Your Business


Using XP methodology, we create software and app solutions to help your business solve problems and be more efficient.


Our transparent process allows us to quickly develop software that meets your needs and keep you informed as the project progresses.


Using cutting-edge tools and technology, we develop for a range of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Linux.


Software Development projects start from$399+GST and a minimum of two days. 


eXtreme Programming (XP) Methodology


Since the 90s, companies have been engaging software developers to help them automate, at least partly, their business processes. 


The problem is the majority (as high as 95%) of these software development projects fail. This is normally due to the huge gap between customer expectations and the result. 


With the software development process taking anywhere from 9 months and up to 36 months, a constantly changing business environment meant what was developed no longer fit the business’s requirements. 


After millions of dollars and months were wasted, new Agile Software Development methodologies were born, in particular,eXtreme Programming (XP).


The beauty of XP (Agile) methodology is flexibility. Every project is split intosmall stages based on key functionality, which aredelivered every week or two. This way customers don’t need to wait months before they can see the result and can provide input and feedback as the project develops. 


The modern and world-proven XP methodology allows Handy Apps deliver software solutions which meet your requirements, on time.


IT Support

Protect and Keep Your Business Running


Like water and electricity, Information Technology (IT) has become an essential part of our lives.


It’s no different in your business. From software and apps to the internet and cloud storage, your business is heavily reliant on IT to manage and effectively run your systems and processes.


It’s easy to assume this part of your business doesn’t require any special attention and is being delivered with the necessary level and quality of service by default.


Unfortunately, this isn’t normally true. 


IT Support Options


Whatever your IT needs, we provide support to prevent problems and keep your systems safe. 

In the event something goes wrong, we’ll fix the problem and help minimise the impact on your business’s operation.


Pay as You Go

For one-offprojects, upgrades or urgent support, we provide our IT Support services on an hourly basis.


Price estimations are based on our hourly rate of $140 per hour.



For larger businesses who want the peaceof mind of having IT Support regularly available, you can choose our monthly fixed fee option.


Once we’ve understood your business and your important IT services, we prepare a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between our companies.


This agreement defines the level of service expected from us as the Service Provider and normally covers service availability and continuity.


Protect Your Clients’ Businesses and Receive at Least 30% Commission

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As an IT company, providing security solutions for your clients’ businesses is a key part of your business. Becoming a reseller of Dr.Web’s leading anti-virus software allows you to protect your clients and grow your business at the same time.


Handy Apps is the New Zealand Distributor of Dr.Web software and we’re looking for IT companies like yours to partner with and resell these globally-recognised security solutions.

A Dr.Web reseller you’ll receive:


Additional Income

Reseller commission starts from 30% and grows with your success. Quotes are provided quickly and are transparent, so you can easily sign up your clients.


Technical Support

Our local level 1 and 2 support line means faster responses. We also provide remote and on-site assistance with implementation from certified engineers.


Marketing Support

We run centralised, local marketing campaigns to build awareness and drive potential leads to your business.


Business support

As a reseller partner, you’ll have a personal relationship with us and a single point of contact for any queries, issues or advice.


Ultimately, we want your business to grow and be successful.



Handy Apps helps your business be more efficient, effective and successful.  


On the IT Support side, we keep your business and its critical IT systems running. While our Software Development services allow you to automate and increase efficiency.  


Having worked in the IT industry for 20 years, we saw the need for simple IT solutions that were easy for clients to understand and see the benefit to their organisation.  


Our goal is to provide transparent options, so you can make informed decisions and utilise IT tools, systems and support in your business that are future-proof and scalable.  


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Serge Shostak, Co-Founder

Prior to founding Handy Apps, Serge developed award-winning software for the Government’s Education Department and worked on a variety of large corporate software development projects.


He spent 10 years working as an IT Support Manager, managing a team of technicians looking after the IT systems of a number of large companies.


Serge started Handy Apps to pull together his two passions of IT and Software Development to assist businesses in the getting the most out of their IT systems.

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  • ITIL, AXELOS Global Best Practice
  • Certified Delphi Developer
  • Project Management Professional - PMP
  • Dr.Web Security Suite licensing specialist
  • Macrium Software Reseller

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